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A varied selection of British and Continental cheese

Cornish Yarg

A wonderful looking cheese wrapped in a hand applied covering of nettle leaves. Deliciously creamy and slightly crumbly, it has a young, fresh, slightly tangy taste.


A rind-washed cheese with a slightly moist, orange-red rind. It has a pungent aroma and a creamy, rich yellow paste. It is soft with a flavour that is rich and mildly piquant yet delicate.

Stinking Bishop

The rind is washed with perry made from Stinking Bishop pears giving the cheese its rich, powerful flavour and aroma.


Hard, 6 months matured Ewes' milk cheese. Has a sweetness that is balanced by a mellow, full flavour.


Swiss. Ivory or pale-yellow interior with a firm, pliable texture and a slightly sweet, earthy flavour.


Swiss. Pale-yellow interior with a firm, silky texture and a mildly nutty, sweet flavour.

Smoked Applewood 3kg

Smoke flavoured cheddar coated in paprika.


Semi-soft, crumbly, ewes' milk cheese with blue-green veins and a creamy, sweet, tangy flavour.

Blue Stilton

Blue mould cheese with a wonderfully rich and creamy piquant flavour and a moist, crumbly texture.

White Stilton

Mild and crumbly with a fresh, creamy, lemony taste.