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Greek Specialities  
A varied selection of authentic Greek specialities

Black Olive and Houmous 170g

A mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours. Made with chick peas and black olives.

Carrot and Houmous 170g

Fresh shredded carrots mixed with houmous to create a mouth watering dip.

Houmous 170g

A Middle Eastern starter made with chickpeas, sesame seed pulp and pure Mediterranean olive oil.

Taramosalata 170g

A traditional Greek style starter made with smoked cod roe and breadcrumbs.

Tzatziki 170g

A traditional Greek style starter made with authentic Greek strained yoghurt, cucumber, fresh garlic, pure Mediterranean olive oil and mint.

Guacamole 150g

A spicy Mexican style avocado dip made with fresh, hand prepared avocadoes, crushed tomatoes, lemon juice, corriander and chillies.

Hot Salsa Dip 170g

A hot and spicy tomato dip with onion, chilli sauce, fresh corriander, fresh red and green peppers and pure Mediterranean olive oil.

Tabouli Salad 170g

A traditional Middle Eastern salad made with bulgar wheat, fresh parsley, fresh onions, chargrilled red and green peppers and a hint of pure Mediterranean olive oil.

Dolmades 150g

Fresh stuffed vine leaves. Vine leaves stuffed with cooked rice, tomato and herbs.

Three Bean Salad 220g

A refreshing salad of red kidney beans, borlotti beans and cannellini beans, pitted black olives and fresh spring onions and herbs.