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Salami and Meats  
A varied selection of salami and meats from around Europe

Prosciutto Crudo 500g

Interleaved. Approx. 40 slices

Prosciutto Crudo 80g

Interleaved. Approx. 10 slices

Salami Milano 80g

Fine/medium grain salami.

Salami Napoli 80g

Medium/large grain salami with a zesty, slightly smokey taste.

Antipasto Tradizione 150g

Traditional mixed Italian meat antipasto with Prosciutto crudo, salami milano and coppa.

Tapas 150g

Mixed Spanish meats with serrano ham, salchichon and chorizo.

Serrano Ham 500g

Interleaved. Approx. 40 slices

Mini Veronetto Salami 250g

Fine grain salami with a lovely sweet taste.

Pancetta 150g

Thinly sliced smoked pancetta.

Pancetta Cubetti 80g

Cubes of pancetta.